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cowboys on the horizon

Grace Shaw Bennett, a young widow, enlists the help of legendary US Marshal Ethan Chance and his partner Joe Maybee to break the notorious Barnes Boys, accused of the murder or her husband and son, out of jail and escort them across the state where they can face a fair trial. However, taking the law into his own hands, Henry Bennett, her hardened father-in-law, stands in their way and will hunt them down to exact his revenge on The Barnes Boys and Ethan Chance no matter the cost!

Ethan Angel of Death

Retribution is a western that deals with the differences between what is legally right and what is morally right. It deals with a time that is surrounded by change but seems to be as stagnate as ever. It focuses on themes and issues that are still examined by society today: law, the judicial system, race, firearms, violence and justice.

How do you or retribution?

RETRIBUTION is the new feature western from Archlight Studios and Pirate Pictures. The film is currently in development after having shot an extensive test reel.

Ethan Takes Aim