Red Circle Investigations

The Mighty Crusaders were once the world’s greatest heroes. But nearly 30 years ago, The Crusaders were locked in battle with their greatest enemy to save all of mankind and seemingly vanished.

Now, 30 years later, private investigator Walter Whitney starts a new case that will lead him to discover his true identity and the mystery surrounding the disappearance of The Mighty Crusaders. When a mysterious woman by the name of Maria comes to Walter for help, it sends him on a strange journey that just may have put Walter in over his head and unlock doors he didn’t even know he was supposed to look behind.

Archlight Studios proudly presents the first fan film ever produced based on The Mighty Crusaders!

Director Executive Producer
Jason Contini Sharon Contini
Co-Producers Co-Writers
Jason Contini Jason Contini
John Contini John Contini
Nicholas J. Hearne Nicholas J. Hearne
Corey Leher
Production Concept Design Fight Choreography
Nate Contini Taylor Pietz
Jason Contini Jason Contini

A very special “Thank You” to all who supported and donated to our crowdfunding campaigns to help us get this passion project done!

David Adler
Michael Brown
Sharon Contini
Sue Ellen Coughtry
Kyle Dallman
Andrea Dempsey
John D'Onofrio
David Noble
Rik Offenbeger
Christine Paradowski
Craig Phillips
Joe Sewell
Collin Voyles
Mike Weiss